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Poker Chip Tricks

Posted: February 10, 2010 in poker image, Poker Strategy
Juggling champagne bottles is a great trick that bartenders have been doing to attract clientele. Similarly in the poker world, poker chip tricks have come of age. Started of as manipulations of poker chips,showing off  and way of passing time, poker chip tricks provide an avenue for players to intimidate fellow poker players.

Today players and spectators alike welcome unique skills at a table and consider anyone able to do masterful poker chip tricks and poker card handling as someone who “really knows how to play poker!”. The same holds true for the cheque handling skills of the dealer as well.

A few poker chip tricks currently in vogue include the Butterfly where a stack of four chips is evenly spread out between the five fingers and the Flip where in the front chip in the stack is flipped to the back of the stack. Some other interesting tricks include the Knuckle Roll, the Muscle Pass and Round the clock.

Poker chip tricks can also be used as tells by experienced hands. They will tell you that great poker hands trigger strange reactions in the competitors. It has been also noticed that poker chip tricks can be a dead give away for a few players as well. A straight flush may trigger a knuckle roll in a few players.

So flaunt them if you have them, poker chip tricks not only intrigue the spectators but also give you that added advantage in the poker game.