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The issue of legalizing online poker in the US has been the source of several long standing debates. Several states in the US have been trying to legalize it in the hopes of generating bigger revenue. Washington D.C. recently became the first US State to pass a law allowing people to wager on online poker. This law was passed on the 7th of April 2011 without any objection from Congress. The bill has been titled the Lottery Modernization Act of 2010 and has made Columbia in Washington D.C the first US district and State to incorporate an online gaming law that allows internet gambling.

The Lottery Modernization Act of 2010 passed with a few amendments that include a change in the definition of the term ‘lotteries.’ The bill stipulates that it only includes games of chance as well as the skill-based game of poker. This will allow Intralot, a lottery provider in Washington D.C. to offer poker over the web to players within the district. The bill also allows the operation of a fantasy sports site for players.

This law has been much debated and has gained considerable attention and importance over the years and it has been long awaited to see which state would implement a law permitting internet gambling first. Now that Washington D.C. has done it, it is expected that others will follow.

However, it will take some time for the poker sites to be up and functional within the district. Regulations outlining the exact terms of play have to be stated by the Washington D.C. municipal government and these terms should ensure that the games comply with the federal law. Also, new regulations with regards to online gaming have to be drafted and passed through a public comment period.

When the potential benefit of offering online gaming was realized, this step to introduce online gaming was taken up. Even for the small Washington D.C. market it is expected that the intra-district internet poker sector will be able to generate $13 million for the district initially. This was predicted by council member, Michael Brown, who had proposed the bill.

While the bill is not exactly what the American players were hoping for, it looks as if it is headed in the right direction. Other jurisdictions would do well to test and see how much intrastate online revenue can be generated and what this would mean for the district. Passing this bill is a significant note to subtly state that the Congress is now not strictly opposing iGaming and is softening up to the idea.


Acquiring and reading poker books is a great way to learn this great game. There are many different kinds of books that you can buy, under many different types of themes. It all depends on your level of game play or your learning habits, and what kind of poker game you want to try. There are many different variations of poker that you can learn, and there are many different poker books for each. Here are a few examples of poker variations that you can read about when you want to learn poker or want to be better at it:

•Texas Hold em – This has become, by far, the most popular variant of poker, all thanks to TV documentation of tournaments by the world’s greatest poker players. For beginners, it is highly recommended that you buy poker books for this kind of poker first and foremost. Learning Texas Hold Em poker is still the best way to learn poker in general, as well as be able to play other more complicated kinds of poker. As can be expected, there are many poker books that have been written about Texas Hold Em. A great example would be Harrington on Hold ’em Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments, Vol. 1: Strategic Play. Don Harrington, the author, has been playing poker professionally since the early 80s, and is now considered as one of the foremost experts when it comes to poker books. If you want to learn poker, then learning Don Harrington is one of the best things you can do.

•Omaha poker books – In the Omaha variant of poker, you are given four cards in order to make a hand. Omaha is played in two different formats: high and high/low. In the high/low format, the highest hand at the table will split the pot with the lowest hand in the table, so using one of two strategies will be beneficial to the players. The high format is when the pot all goes to the person with the highest hand at the table. Omaha may be a little bit too complicated for beginners who want to learn poker, so it is recommended that you read poker books about Omaha when you have become more familiar with the general rules of poker. A great example of a book about Omaha poker is Championship Omaha by T.J. Cloutier and Tom McEvoy, who are two of the best Omaha players in the world. In this book, you will find amazing and winning strategies that they use, as well as everything you need to know to start out with and get better at Omaha poker.

•7-card stud – This kind of poker was a lot more popular before Texas Hold Em took the world by storm. Today, a lot of people have a hard time trying to learn this style when they try to learn poker because Hold Em is so radically different from the 7-card stud. If you want to learn this style, then buying books that are written by people who have been playing poker for a long time is the best way to go. This is because these are the people that were playing 7-card stud when it was still the most popular poker variant. A great example of this would be How to Beat Low Limit 7 Card Stud Poker by Paul Kammen. This book contains a lot of tips on how to start off when you are just learning, as well as strategy tips on how to get better as you go along. For more advanced players who are looking for poker books on this variant, you can try to read Seven Card Stud For Advanced Players by David Slanksy.

•Draw poker games – Draw poker is probably the most basic type of poker there is, and a lot of people learn this type and never really move on to the poker variants used in tournaments. If you are interested to learn poker but are not really all the interested in becoming really, really good, then you can get poker books on this kind of poker. Because it is really basic, you can opt to get some free online books on this kind of poker, and there are also a lot of forums and other websites of the like that teach people how to play this kind of poker.Other than buying poker books according to what kind of poker you want to learn, there are also a lot of books that are categorized by what level you are already in. For beginners, there are those that are more general when it comes to subject matters. A great example of this would be Doyle Brunson’s Super System: A Course in Power Poker. First published in the 70s, this book has provided the world with decades of expertise, so you can be sure that you will learn everything you need to know about poker in general with this book.

For players that are in the middle ground, reading poker books is a great way for you to be able to move onto becoming an advanced player. Fortunately, there are a lot of poker books online for people of this expertise level. Of course, there is more information in books that you can buy, but if you are looking for information that is more streamlined, such as certain strategies that you want to learn, or a certain questions that you need answered, then online poker books are the way to go for you. Not only are they easier to acquire, but a lot of them are free.

Remember, the best way to become really good at poker is to keep playing and to gather information through experience. But with that being said, everyone will certainly benefit from reading books about poker. This is because a lot of the experienced players of the field have chosen to put down their own experiences and the things that they have learned in these books. That way, not only can you learn from your experiences, you can learn from the experiences of the masters as well. Here’s to you, Texas Dolly!

Different players think of different levels.

A beginner will primarily focus on what his own cards are. An intermediate will focus on what his opponent’s cards are. A more advanced player will focus on what his opponent thinks his cards are and so on. The best poker players in the world are experts at figuring out which level you’re thinking on so they can think one level beyond you.

Once you estimate your opponent’s range based on his style, the cards, his previous actions, etc, you need to know what to do with that information. There are dozens of online poker software specially designed to help with the second part.

Estimating your opponent’s hands I assume means guessing what range of holdings he would play that way. For instance, if a tight player raises under the gun, you can narrow down his hands to just a few. It has immense value; in fact, it’s the hardest part of the game. Figuring out what to do once you’ve estimated someone’s hand is (with a little practice and the help of a good computer program) pretty easy.

The entire game is one big war to see who can estimate his opponents’ hands the best, while preventing his opponents from doing the same to him.

It is so much fun playing poker online on your laptop or your desktop within the relaxed atmosphere of your home, it also is good learning to understand a little bit how they make it work. Every online gaming company builds its software within a planned system structure.

The poker software architecture of a program or computing system is the structure or structures of the system, which comprise software components, the externally visible properties of those components, and the relationships between them.

For laymen like us, I thought that it might be difficult understanding what poker architecture actually entails, so when I joined Cybertech, I spent quite a few days with our company programmers and got a lot of inputs from them. I found that once I understood the basics, it was pretty interesting how our programmers plan, design and monitor the system poker architecture for the poker games that our company builds.

Poker architecture is designed by our programmers with the following goals:

a. Bug-free and high speed game play, providing a great play experience to the user.

b. Dynamic scalability, wherein augmenting the capability of the system without disturbing the already running components of the systems.

c. Dynamic configuration, wherein the behavior of the system should be able to re-configure dynamically.

d. Availability of games and services all the time by having redundancies and backups for each and every sub-system.

e. Simultaneous multiple games, where the user should be able to play multiple games simultaneously.

f. Varied types of games, like holdem, Omaha, Omaha hi/lo, 7 stud, 7 stud hi/lo, heads-up, single and multi table tournaments, no-limit, pot-limit etc.,

g. Persistence of the Game, in case of unintended disconnection, the client should be able to reconnect to the game(s) within 30 seconds. If he connects, he should be able to continue from the point where he left.

h. Transparent and seamless Payment system integration, to spare user from knowing the Payment system account.

A high level System Poker architecture includes the following major sub-systems:

1. Game Client (Download)

2. Game Server(s)

3. Directory Service

4. Database

5. Payment system

6. Mail System

7. Report System

8. Live Floor Person

9. Admin Control

10. Fraud and Collusion Control.

11. Game Logs

A complete and comprehensive security system including a system for prevention of DDoS attacks is an imperative as well. The following diagram I’ve inserted sort of depicts the high level diagram of a typical Poker architecture System:

Poker Architecture

Fig.1 Poker Architecture

In my dealings with customers for our company products, I am often asked what architecture or platforms our poker products are built on and support, and after regular meetings with our software programmers, I can today safely say that I can answer quite a few queries without batting an eyelid. Since I cannot make this a long winded post and bore my readers with lots of technicalities, I’d like to end by stating that the right poker architecture is the basic building block of the entire software suite which takes years to build.

With the right poker architecture, you’re halfway home 🙂

The chips are used in place of the notes to play games like poker and casino gaming. These chips are available in sports shops option to play at home and in clubs. Although these chips are common these days in different stores, the chips used in casinos can be regarded as sacred. Each casino has its own type of chip clear. The people who run casinos religiously guard chip thefts. Moreover, they see building measures in order to duplicate the chip to enter the land-based casinos. They have to do, because these casinos chips, money and the business model focus on these chips casinos.

But there is not much security concerns and money troubles when poker chips are bought for home use. Several varieties of poker chip set are available in stores that sell sports goods. Generally, poker chips for home use come in basic colors like red, white, blue, green, and black. Generally, each color specifies a particular amount of money. Nowadays one can order customized poker chips that can contain even one’s own name or family name. Normally, the price of such specially designed chips is higher than that of normal chip sets.

But otherwise the price of the poker chips is determined by the quality of the material used and the complexity of design on its inlay. These chips can be made using materials like clay, plastic, and ceramic. A piece of colorfully designed thin paper that is lastingly affixed to the surface of the chip is called inlay. It can be designed very attractively. If you own a company, the name and logo of the company can be inscribed into the inlay of the chip. Some companies in this field use technological advances like laser engraving to put the design into the inlay.

Manufacturing casino chips is regarded as an industry of comparatively fewer players. The manufacturing method is actually called a “trade secret” by experts. Most of the manufacturers are located in some cities and towns in the United States that are known for their casinos. Las Vegas is a good example. But thankfully, majority of these organizations have their own websites. They allow people to see, select, and buy a particular poker chip set. One can pay the bill through credit cards or some other online bill payment agencies.

Companies shipping the chip set the address provided to the buyer. You can also sort and chip set, which is derived exclusively from you. You can submit the necessary planning and design studies for integrated circuits affect. Needless to say, as a series of personal chips are more expensive than other standard chip sets.

There are countless online poker rooms to opt from these days, deciding on one is pretty much a daunting task. Poker rooms offer big promotions and even larger tournament prizes. You would like to make sure that the poker room you desire has all the important distinctiveness of any good gambling site such as established software, financial backing, honest, fair and random algorithms and a concrete standing.

Assortment of poker games
No Limit Hold’em, Omaha and 7-Card Stud are the most popular poker variants and pull large crowds. There is Badugi, Slots and Bagatelle too for lending variety. Generally, the bigger the casino, the greater will be the number of players.

Bluffs galore
There are certain smooth operators and bluffers; each player practices folding and raising bets at inconsistent speed. So you should first prepare yourself for the action.

Free games
There are free roller tournaments with a lack of quality players and occasionally some with top players too. You can check the tips on when to fold and raise the pre-flops.

Poker bonuses
You get the poker bonus codes at the start. These are the passwords for the casinos. Generally, poker sites will give you 100-200% for the first 100 or 200 dollars. You may also have additional bonuses for every deposit you make. No-Limit tables are particularly packed and good performances on those tables enhance your credibility and rating.

Great customer support and chat-rooms
They have chat rooms where you can make friends and even have a conversation with the software developer. They also have round-the-clock customer care reps to listen to your issues and sort thing out. As a rule, you should only wager inside your means.

There are many poker strategies that exist out there that you might be interested in strategies that range from general to specific strategies for playing a poker game. If you are an avid player of a particular type of poker, so it is strongly recommended to seek strategies specific to that particular game. However, many other games, tips and tricks that can be used anywhere in the game gives you the advantage, as these two strategies, namely:

The Check-Raise

One of the most common and useful strategies for players to use in any game in order to try to draw additional chips into the pot is the “check-raise.” This is a play pattern that begins when a player in an earlier position with a strong hand checks rather than raising the pot to try to draw out some other player coming later on in the round. This way, the player doing the initial raise is lured into believing that the earlier player who has a strong hand may actually have a weak one because of their check earlier in the round. They will therefore try to knock that player out and take the pot immediately, rather than run the risk of losing it at the end of the game.

When play comes back around to them, the player who initially checked will then call or re-raise the other player, keeping the game going while trying to draw out even more money from the opponent. This works quite well against newer players, as people seldom want to back down out of a hand once they have made some investment into the pot and therefore may stay true to the end of the game, even if it means taking substantial losses on their part.

The Bluff

Many people who are even remotely familiar with poker know of the bluff – an attempt to make all other players at the table think you have a strong hand and therefore relinquish the pot to you – yet few people know how to use it effectively. Most often, players over-bluff and are discovered and called every time they attempt to do so, or they simply bluff at the wrong time, ruining their strategy entirely.

If you look at the cliff at the poker table, remembering a few basic rules before trying to do. Namely, do not try to bluff a big pot, chances are the feeling of all the money in a large pot will be too much for some other players, your bluff is called, you get in trouble very quickly. Instead try and bluff on small hands, especially early in the game. This can help you develop a better chip stack early in the game for more mid to end of the game In addition, previous cycles, where the pots are generally small and people are tighter with their Money more likely to work in your favor.

Many online players have never played a live game before. This is an experience that all players should try. Before you take your chances to live the table, there are things you should know. Here are a few differences between playing online poker vs live:

String betting:

Contrary to online poker, you do not get to use your mouse button while you raise in a live poker game. So you

1st should choose the quantity you’re going to raise prior to you really putting the chips on the table. A really basic

Error in this particular field is that a player will continue reaching to his stack and continuously committing chips rather than casting all of the chips at the same time. This could head to a good deal of misunderstanding.

Responding to cards:

If you’re playing online, you will be able to dance and celebrate as much as you desire when you get aces as your beginning hand. But you’re should keep a poker face in a live poker game. Responding to your cards could disclose treasured info about your hand to your opponent.

Playing out of turn:

Contrary to online poker, there’s no timer or a mark to notify that it is your turn. Your required focus on whose turn it is. Acting out of turn is a infraction on general poker etiquette. Not only that, it will as well disclose your hand info to your opponent.

Not paying attention to the pot size:

In online poker, the poker software will contribute you and precise count of the pot size and your chip stack. In live poker, you will not get. You perpetually should continueto track of your chip stack and the size of the pot. All of the time bet fitting in to the pot size. You should also read a great deal about your opponents bet merely by likening it with the pot size and his chip stack.

Final Thoughts on Live vs. Online Poker:

Thought vs. live poker online two can be fun, but the live poker is a lot funnier. So if you’ve played poker online all, it is perhaps time to test your skills on the table Live!

1. Add fish to your Buddy List

This is a very popular suggestion, many good players on Party Poker. Checking out your list of friends and you can see when your favorite maniacs are logging on to play. Even if you do not see exactly where they sit at the table, you can manually search through the tables to find their target.

This tip is mainly useful if you are adding maniacs to your buddy list, as maniacs tend to create table dynamics that are much better for you than say, a calling station. With a maniac at the table and five calling stations for example, there will be serious pots being generated, so you can score big if you hit your cards. At the same token however, with so many drawers in the pot, your chances for getting outdrawn are very high. Just remember that.

2. Click between game tabs to refresh your table listings

This trick is useful mainly for SnG (sit and go / single table) tournaments, which are notoriously quick to fill up. Many times, you’ll see “Wtng for 5 players” as the table status, but when you click on the game, it will have already started. This is due to the table status not updating quickly, which you can force by clicking between tabs. Of note however, is that Party Poker has recently upped the refresh rate of the tables substantially, so this isn’t a major issue like it used to be.

3. Keep player notes on opponents

I cannot stress this enough. So much so that I will be writing an article on how to take some good notes in the future (updated: Player Notes page now up). While you always want to be paying attention to how people are playing, in online poker, players are always coming and going, which doesn’t give you time to feel them out. Taking notes cam help you when you play these opponents again. Even if you aren’t going to play this person it again, taking notes makes it much easier to keep a mental track of how each player plays and what to expect from them. The big things to note are: smart or stupid, aggressive or passive, tight or loose, straight up or bluffs, bets out a draw or not and what kind of hands do they play or pre-flop raise with. Yes, this is a lot of information to note, but it will help you in the long run.

4. Learn to leave the table

This is really just a general poker tip, but it still nabs even the poker pros at times. At Party Poker, if you find that you are being outplayed, outclassed or just unlucky at the table, it’s ok to leave. Don’t think about getting your money back or getting revenge on the bastard that rivered you for the 3rd time now. If you are losing money at your table, you do NOT have good table image no matter what you might think. Not only are you not in a good mood, which puts you on tilt (admit it or not), but other players will be more likely to make plays against you. This makes your game harder in more ways than you want. With so many tables at Party Poker, just get up and go, it’s that easy.

I can’t stress this enough if the game gets short-handed (6 or less players) and you are not familiar with short-handed play. This is an easy way to lose a lot of cash if you don’t know what you are doing. I see this happen all the time, when a table breaks up and I’m stuck with two solid players and three guys who don’t realize they are about to get run over. Don’t be road kill when all it takes is a single click.

5. Buy-in more than necessary at the poker table

If you’ve done your homework, you know you should always sit with at least 20 times the big blind at a poker table. The realities of online poker, this should be more like at least 40 times the BB. Personally, I like to sit with nearly 100 times the BB. You should consider doing so. Why? Firstly, never be able to keep the nuts and did not have enough money to raise the pot. I’ve seen it happen too many times where a guy is going to have flopped a full game in a $ 3 / 6, but only $ 12 bankroll. He could make a killing if it were not for the fact he was playing with a small battery.

In Internet you can find a lot of advice on Texas Hold’em poker. Most of them can not even convince you that you can come without problems with one of the best poker players in the world. Many people are just too reliable and attract money to win with relative ease. At that moment, they’re not thinking of losing, they only see the money. After reading these tips, you should not forget that all these strategies, but not gratuities. Perhaps the most sensible point that you can get is to understand the basics of this game and how to become a poker champion. Generally, poker is a game that is very easy to understand, until you stop to think, but this is true for most things in life.

The strongest hand in Texas Hold’em poker is the Royal Flush. Every other hand gets flushed by it. This is the winning hand. There are the rest of the hands in crescent order: High Card hand, One Pair, Two Pair, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House or Boat, Four of a Kind and the Straight Flush. If you don’t know what these cards mean you should do some research and check them out. You don’t have any chance on the table if you don’t know these cards or how to combine them.

When it comes to betting and you have a good card in Texas Hold’em poker one of the best tips is to bet carefully and slowly. If you are too confident the betting will become a battlefield of wits between you and the rest of the players. For example it is not good at all if from the very start you bet everything that you have, because in that way you are giving up your card. Many players will not like it because it ruins the pleasure of playing this game. The idea is more to convince the other players that your hand is not trump hand and you are just bluffing.

Other tip in Texas Hold’em poker is working on your face for poker, but it is not recommended for all people. It may sound as a cliché, but it is working. Your chances of bluffing out yourself from an awful deal or pulling off a good hand are better if you know how to control your emotions. The less emotions, the better. There are many players who read not only the cards, but also the body language of the players who hold the cards. For example, if you are playing with professionals, they will analyze every move you make.

So if you’re new to Texas Hold’em poker, you should consider that it is better if you show less emotion. When you start controlling your reactions, you can see on the table and you can start paying attention to other players, their behavior and body language.