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Knowing that they might not be able to sustain the costs required to promote an online poker room or online casino, I am asked by quite a few of our company website visitors about alternatives to create their own poker card room with our poker software. Keeping this post short may not suffice, but here’s my answer to them, short and sweet:

Well, building poker software or playing poker online is not the only activity that can make money online in the booming online gaming and online poker industry. There is a sure fire way to earn a good and steady income by becoming a poker affiliate. A Poker Affiliate (PA) is someone that owns a website and sends traffic and customers to poker sites for a fee – which is a percentage of the players earnings or a flat referral fee. In some wonderful cases you can even opt for a combination of both!

The competition between the top poker sites today is so intense that they are willing to pay good returns to you if you manage to drive depositing customers to their sites. The name of the game is: traffic. If you have a website that is already getting some traffic on it, by creating a poker affiliate account with an online card room you have the opportunity to convert that traffic to money. A standard poker affiliate payout is at least $75 per paying customer or 20% of the player’s lifetime earnings!

How do you go about getting this in motion? Simple, actually. Remember, it pays to have your own domain instead of promoting a domain that a few affiliate program networks offer. You can tweak your domain to drive traffic to poker sites – have a good online marketing plan. You can even do it through your blog sites, which can be promoted and geared specifically to market your poker affiliate business. There are several how-to and do-it-yourself kits available free in the market. If you do not want to go through the pain of the grind, you can begin by tying up with a poker affiliate network and take it from there. They already have tie-ups and offers with all major poker sites and they can get you good deals.

At the end of the day, it is wise to remember that making money online truly requires patience and perseverance.