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The Poker Family

Posted: December 20, 2010 in Poker Strategy
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The poker community is well knit. They are affectionate and respect each other without intruding on anyone’s space. The best part about it is that in no time you can find yourself to be one of them. Once the game sets into rhythm, you will find yourself discussing a good hand, or chuckle about nuts in the chat, consoling someone over the disastrous flop or river and evolving wicked deceptive tells only to cool down with a mug of beer later on. The game is intoxicating and rewards well! The Poker Family

A classic example of an ideal Poker Family is Robert Border & Co i.e. Robbie, Angie (his wife) and baby Boo (their now 17 year old starlet Britney). Robbie and Angie met at the tables itself! They are extremely committed towards their family. They discuss the game well amongst them and always encourage each other in their individual endeavors. Not surprisingly, poker runs in Boo’s veins…literally. Robbie told me of this incident where once he was teaching Britney a few card tricks while she was just about 7-8. Robbie was with none other than Doyle Brunson then! Robbie had to leave for an urgent phone call and kept his real money play window open which became Boo’s playground. She started playing as daddy had taught not aware of the sharks around. The money at stake was close to $3k! Robbie came just in time to save the hand digging into his pocket 😉

However; he did not lose his cool and calmly explained in a child’s language the potential consequences. Such patience…next time you knock at this particular door be sure to put your best shoes on. The poker community is a great place to be; what you give is what you get, same as everywhere else; only more so.