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Sherlock Holmes seems to be my current flavor! As long as interesting lessons keep getting learned, all is good. Now, Holmes was extremely choosy and precise about his knowledge. Can you beat the fact that he did not know that the solar system existed and that the earth rotated around the sun! But whatever he knew, he knew it to perfection. Now for those who are less aware, poker is far from a gambling proposition. It is a game of chance, yes, however a calculated chance and probability and odds all of which are dictated by mathematical judgment. Thus one has to be exact and perfect with the technical knowledge of the game. One has to develop a keep sense of poker judgment. A number of tools are available these days to assist you and help evaluate your game. Find out just how much of a bad beat you suffered or whether or not you made a good call with the Poker Odds Calculator. Or you could try a poker stats tracker which lets you keep track of every single penny you win or lose playing poker and provides charts, graphs, and stats for tournaments and cash games! Will help in only enhancing your poker judgment.

PT3/HEM are even better software coming up now-a-days. By reading and gaining an understanding of the game you will be able to look at the HUD and think: well I hold x… He plays a range which probably beats me right now, however his post flop play is weak and he tends to fold to decent sized bets in this situation. Therefore my best option is to raise. He will fold x% of the time. I know that my bet has to only work y% in order to show a profit. Other than cards 1, 2, or 3 coming on the turn, if he calls I am done with this hand. The important aspect here is to be thorough with what you know and always in tune with the latest. There are many tools available and it’s easy to get lost in the swarm. One must not forget that these are tools after all and play a role in “aiding” your own original play and poker judgment. With a healthy mix of intuition and these latest software that technology offers, you’re sure to be on the roll!

The easiest way to make money online by playing poker is to maximize the productive output of every single resource you can lay your hands onto and increase your awareness of the game and your poker judgment 🙂