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Well, poker has been popular for over a century. Texas Hold’em has a lot more cache due to having relatively (for poker) low variance, yet still enough that any clown can win. It’s got faster action than anything but a craps table. It takes only a few minutes to learn and can never truly be mastered. It’s still got that kinda seedy feel to it. High school kids think a top poker pro is on level with a rock star or pro athlete (I know because I know a few myself!).Televised Poker

I think TV ratings have come down a bit, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be around for a while. I wish other games like pot limit omaha and badugi were more camera friendly, as they’re a lot more skill intensive.

The recent success of TV poker shows has been attributed to two developments: the “lipstick” spy-cams that provide behind-the-scenes access to players’ cards, and the proliferation of satellite games both online and offline that offer amateurs and unknowns an inexpensive, long-shot bid for a hot tournament seat.

An episode of the Travel Channel’s World Poker Tour, for instance, featured a section on poker fans who staked their satellite buy-ins into lottery-sized cash prizes, prompting host Shana Hiatt to observe that, “Playing poker can be a dream come true for anyone.” You bet it can!

Here’s the deal: the trade-off of the zero-sum wager; the sensational pleasure in the prospect of a large payoff for the few in exchange for the willing sacrifices of the many, fits neatly with the current global popular fiscal policy, its swagger, and its bluff-and-guts political strategies.